•    Amazonas, mágica y auténtica fuente de vida

Few places in the world still maintain the quality of their biosphere reserve, as well as a nature so exotic and diverse that it’s difficult to describe without bringing to mind the word magical...

Guacamaya BanderaA land where creation reached a peak of perfection; a generous source of opulence, both material and spiritual; a communion between matter and soul, man and his essence - the Amazon state is this and much more.

The Amazon posesses an enormous variety of visually striking and singularly attractive captivating sceneries; a place where time stood still, offering, to the delight of our senses, a generous reservoir of abundance, exuberance, beauty and... life!

Segundo en extensión territorial de la República de Venezuela, con la menor densidad poblacional y el mayor índice de habitantes autóctonos, este estado exhibe una diversidad étnica y cultural milenaria, que debe ser conservada como patrimonio de Venezuela y de la humanidad.

It ranks second in extension within the territory of the Republic of Venezuela. With the lowest population count and the highest number of autochthonous dwellers, this state exhibits a millenary ethnic and cultural diversity that should be preserved as heritage of Venezuela and all humanity.

Though it offers a great variety of forest products of incalculable commercial value, and numerous mineral resources not fully identified, this region should be constantly protected from the voracious depredatory aggressions of ruthless "development.” The Venezuelan Amazon must, above all, maintain its condition of “Lungs of the Earth,” of a remote land where magic and mystery coalesce in eternal alliance.

In order to enjoy the marvels of this region, a sensitive and humanistic attitude is requiered of the visitor. Preserving and cherishing the Amazon will help maintain it pristine for the benefit of generations to come and, fundamentally, for the indigenous dwellers, true heirs to this exceptional land.

Welcome to the Amazon State.

General Information

    •    Puerto Ayacucho

DDN     (Discado Directo Nacional)

  • (Automatic Dial)
    # Area Code 0248
    Puerto Ayacucho (state capital) and other towns such as: Maroa, San Carlos de Río Negro, San Fernando de Atabapo, Santa Rosa de Amadona and Yavita. AQUI 


      177.617 km2, a fifth of the country’s total area.


Percentage of National Territory

  • 19,38%. Second entity within country extension

Population estatistics OCEI

  • Estimated population for 2008: 146.029 habitantes
  • Estimated population for 2010: 153.580 habitantes
  • Masculine population for 2010: 79.303
Femenine population for 2010: 74.277

Population density

  • 0,8 inhab/km2 

Percentage of total population

  • 0.55%, the least inhabited state in the country.

Projection for year 2.021

  • 171.702 inhabitants 

Political territory

  • Seven (7) Municipalities: High Orinoco, Atabapo, Atures, Autana, Guainía, Manapiare and Río Negro.


  • Under the protective forest vegetation the climate is mild, contrary to the savannas that form a semi-ecuatorial region. According to the Köeppen climate classification, the state presents three varieties of tropical climate that we know: tropical rain forest (Af), tropical monsoon (Am) and savanna (AW) climates. The climatic data is characterized for its high precipitation values, temperature and humidity..